Getting your KW White Pages Profile to 100% #kwri

Have you ever logged in to your and noticed that your profile is less than 100%?  This bugged me for a long time!  So I contacted someone “in the know” at KWRI asking about it and they sent me this handy list of the different fields and what % they counted towards your profile completenes.  It wasn’t long before my profile was at 100%.

With white pages information now being searchable by consumers on, it makes sense to insure that your profile is 100% complete so that you don’t miss a potential lead. And, when you initiate your eEdge account, the system uses the info from the white pages to poplulate your eEdge account.  Set up your white pages first and you kill two birds with one stone.

Here is a list of the fields that are currently used to calculate your Profile Score.  All of these fields can be accessed in the Contact Information Comparison page.

Weight Field Name
5% First Name
5% Last Name
0% Team Name
5% Street 1
0% Street 2
5% City
5% State/Prov
5% Zip/Postal
2% Country
5% Business Phone
0% Home Phone
5% Mobile Phone
0% Fax
5% Text/Carrier
10% Email
10% Image
5% Display for customers
0% URL
5% Biography
1% Languages
5% Specialties
5% Service Area
1% Slogan
0% Loss Mitigation Resume
1% Designations
3% Blog URL
3% Facebook URL
1% Twitter URL
3% Referral Notes

Once you’ve clicked Edit my Profile, you’ll have the option to edit your information in multiple places on  There is even a list of additional fields that can be updated. 


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