What’s in YOUR RealtorMobile?

After 8 years and 106,000 miles of car and driver bliss, this weekend the time came for me to trade in my 2000 Honda Odyssey Minivan. Eight years is a long time to own a car…especially one that you, as a Realtor and a Mom practically live out of. I thought I’d take just a moment to share with you what I found in all of the various nooks and crannies when I cleaned out the car and you can determine what that says about our profession.

The button from an Ann Taylor jacket that I haven’t worn since the button fell off
1 bottle of Tylenol with 19 tablets left
1 dose of Migraine medicine (hmm…wonder what causes those)
A pager….yes, a PAGER – For you newbies, that’s what we used BEFORE mobile phones
The square battery from the OLD MLS keys…the ones we traded out in 2003
A pink nail file
1 bottle of Binaca Blast breath freshener – just in case
1 computer keyboard – a full sized one
A blanket that said Countrywide on it
A bottle of wine colored nail polish
Notes from Family Reunion 2003 – Now I have an implementation list
3 sets of keys, not sure what they’re for…..hmmm….that’s scary….
2 sets of cell phone headphones….and a baggie full of rubber do-hickies that make them fit in your ear….wow…I have 2 new sets of earphones…. Cool!
2 cartons of dental floss (unused)
2 sign rider clips
Two Pokemon cards….one of them was a TRAINER card!
2 D cell batteries that were totally corroded
Two years worth of mileage logs (my CPA will be very happy!)
One flashlight that still worked
3 pairs of sunglasses…one of which wasn’t broken
3 different flavors of Chapstick
3 sticks of gum—gritty, (but still edible)
3 ice scrapers, one from a mortgage company and one from a lender. (I gave the one from the inspector to my dear husband)
3 photos of my kids….They were so cute back then…(now they’re just teenagers)
4 different colors of lipsticks
4 hairclips
9 batteries (AA and AAA size)
6 DIFFERENT business cards…two as the Career Development Director in the Franklin office (one with long hair, one with short) one as a selling agent in the Franklin office, one as a Charter Member of the Brentwood KW office and TWO as a Coldwell Banker sales agent…(boy, I looked a lot younger back then!)
4 books on CD, three of which belonged to someone else…(Elizabeth, come see me at Masterminds, I have some things for you!)
$5.44 in change (Taco Bell,anyone?????? My treat!!!!!)
12 maps of locations from Hendersonville to Columbia and back (also Kentucky, Alabama and Virginia, although I’m not exactly sure why……)

And, last but not least………

No less than SIXTY FOUR writing utensils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, I mean 64…..that was 8 pencils, 7 highlighters, and 49 pens. ( I swear I am not making this up! )

I hope that you will all chuckle to yourselves as you clear off the seat while you wait in the pick up line for your children….you are not alone! Here’s to the people who live in their cars….

“Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves…for they shall never cease to be amused!”


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