Are listings on FB a viloation of the Code of Ethics?

This information at the bottom of this post came today from the Tennessee Association of Realtors regarding advertising of your listings on Facebook and the Realtor Code of Ethics.  We’ve had discussion about this in several of the Lead Generation with Facebook classes over the last couple of months.

A quick way to make sure that you comply would be to add your name, firm name, firm phone number and your license number to the section below your photo on your Facebook Profile or on your Fan Page, whichever place you advertise your listings (or both).  Check with your broker to see what is required in your state.

The Facebook Marketplace is one area that I see this information missing from all the time.  Great listing, tells ya all about the house, but no firm name or phone number.  Sounds like a TREC violation just waiting to happen. I wonder who will be the first to get cited?  Make sure it isn’t you!

3. HOT LINE: Advertising Listings on Facebook?

QUESTION: Can I advertise my listing on Facebook?

ANSWER: Advertising on Facebook would be just like advertising in any other medium. You must comply with all advertising rules and regulations. At a MINIMUM, all advertising must contain the firm’s name AND firm telephone number.

In addition, Standard of Practice 12-9 in the REALTOR Code of Ethics states:

“REALTOR firm websites shall disclose the firm’s name and state(s) of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent manner.

Websites of REALTORS and non-member licensees affiliated with a REALTOR’s firm shall disclose the firm’s name and that REALTOR’s or non-member licensee’s state(s) of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent manner.”

Since a REALTOR’s Facebook page may be construed as just another website, compliance with all of the above would appear necessary.

[SOURCE: TAR Legal and Ethics Hot Line Attorneys]

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